“Sarah!  Where are you? What are you doing?”

I’ve heard those questions echoing for months, but haven’t had an answer – until now.

I’m home.  Resting.  Smelling fresh evergreen.  Listening to cats purr.  Playing the piano and singing.  Being an auntie (one of the best jobs in the world!).  Avoiding cold and flu bugs (not always successfully).  Watching snowflakes swirl through the air.  Reveling in glorious winter beauty for the first time in four years.  Oh, the silence – and the sounds in the silence- everything muted or amplified.  Snow sparkles, shimmers like crystal opals in sunlight, and I think of Jesus covering me with His righteousness and causing it to sparkle, shimmer as His love beams in my heart.

But now that you know where I am and what I’m doing, you probably want me to answer that other famous question: “For how long?”

Let me tell you a story.

About six months ago, life suddenly swirled into confusion.  Among other things, news that Thailand would now allow foreign volunteers only 3-month visas instead of 1-year visas like before compelled my friends and me to question, “Now what?”  I spent hours laying the situation before God, seeking His plan for His work – and for me.

So while Thailand tackles visa-right abusers and external supporters of such evils as drug and human trafficking, I’ve waited.  And wondered.  I’ve also made a few friends along the way – but that story’s for another post.

So now what?  I still don’t know God’s plan, but that’s okay.  He does.  None of this stunned Him – He already knew it would be and allowed it to happen.

Please pray with me as I wait to discover His will and work with the opportunities still available.

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