When God Is Silent*

When God Is Silent*

Through the unknown, in the darkest of nights when we wonder not just when, but if morning will ever break…  When everything and everyone fail, leaving us all alone, aching and broken…  What is our hope?  That the words my Jesus spoke are true.  Through the unknown, in the darkest of nights, “When God Is Silent”** (it seems), I still know my Jesus is with me.  How can I be sure?  Because He never left me in the past, so I can depend on His promise not to forsake me now.  Even when I can’t see Him, He is still with me, interceding and working for me.

When God is silent and we don’t know

The way before us that we ought to go;

When we’ve attempted to do His will,

And yet His silence continues still, yet still;

When God is silent, and all seems lost,

As o’er the waves our boat is tempest tossed;

When answers fail us and doubts arise,

But God seems distant, far, hid from our eyes,

He is in the mountain praying that our faith will never fail,

Though our souls be sifted through.

O’er the wind and waves we soon shall see Him coming to prevail.

We can trust Him for His promises are true!

They are true!

Then it’s time to trust!

Yes, it’s time to remember that the Lord is faithful to His own.

If we hope, we shall yet be praising once again,

For His silence never means that we’re alone!

He will never ever leave us alone.**

Then in the silence, when He is nearest, He speaks.

*Written in early August
**By Jeanine Drylie