Long Ago Right Now

Tears slipped silently down a mother’s cheeks.  A father’s husky voice committed a new missionary to the care of Him who had bid, “Go.”  A friend’s lingering embrace, a final wave, and the young missionary was gone, traveling around the world to a new home in the unknown.  Some parents saw their missionary children again, but not before many years had passed; others won’t meet again until eternity.  After the departure, family and friends anxiously awaited letters – news of God’s work and assurance that all was well with their missionaries.

Little has changed since the old days of missionary life, with the exception of modern technology’s impact on travel and communication.  Now journeys of several months by land and sea can be completed in a few days’ time as planes jet from one continent to another.  Mobile phones, computers and iPads, bluetooth and internet, and digital cameras bridge the chasm of separation.  In a few moments we can send a message with pictures, hear loved ones’ voices, or even see and talk almost face to face.  For those of us in more remote locations, using such conveniences isn’t quite so simple; but even though we must travel to internet or phone service, communication is still much easier and more frequent…


…technology fails!  And that’s why you’ve had a taste of the old days these past eight months.  The bluetooth on my iPad quit working.  Since then I haven’t had sufficient simultaneous time and internet access to share anything with you.  But my iPad was replaced while I was on furlough, so I am hoping to update you more often now.  I have a lot of news to catch you up on!

At our jungle “internet café.”

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