Have you ever wished you could work for the Lord twenty-four hours a day?  Now you can by supporting God’s work overseas – while you sleep, someone else is awake and working!  If God has lit a fire for missions in your heart and impresses you to invest in His work in Southeast Asia, you can use one of the options below.  May God richly bless you for your gifts.

100% of all donations made through Jesus for Asia go to the projects you choose (administrative overhead is paid from a separate Jesus for Asia account) and are tax deductible.  Remember, prayer is the greatest support we can have in this battlefield, so even if you cannot help financially, you can always uplift us before God’s throne of grace and mercy.  Thank you for being interested in God’s work overseas!

For information regarding investment ideas or how your investments are used, visit the Current Projects and Completed Projects links below.

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Mail a check:

Jesus for Asia, Inc.

P.O. Box 1221

Collegedale, TN 37315

(Indicate Sarah Van Hee.

If you wish your donation to go towards

a specific project, include that as well.)




“An American business man, who was an earnest Christian, in conversation with a fellow worker, remarked that he himself worked for Christ twenty-four hours of the day.  ‘In all my business relations,’ he said, ‘I try to represent my Master.  As I have opportunity, I try to win others to Him.  All day I am working for Christ.  And at night, while I sleep, I have a man working for Him in China.’  In explanation, he added: ‘In my youth I determined to go as a missionary to the heathen.  But on the death of my father I had to take up his business in order to provide for the family.  Now, instead of going myself, I support a missionary.  In such a town of such a province of China, my worker is stationed.  And so, even while I sleep, I am, through my representative, still working for Christ.'”  ~Christian Service, pp. 170-171.