Connecting Two Worlds

In my last post, I mentioned how modern technology spans a chasm of separation and makes our world so interconnected it’s almost like we can be more than one place at a time.  Almost.  Yet it doesn’t even come close.  Nothing can compare to actually being somewhere and experiencing life in that place.

That’s why these past three weeks have been so incredibly wonderful for me.  My Mama came to visit me!  We visited various places I frequent (sometimes infrequent!) so she could taste a little of my reality that can’t be shared through pictures, email, or FaceTime.  She actually spent a night in the guesthouse where I usually call her from.  She slept on an overnight bus (or at least tried) and spent several nights in a bamboo house.  She rode a songtow for six hours and mini-vans for eight.  She experienced traveling “the worst road in the world” on a motorbike.  She felt the chilling mountain air penetrating through our hardwood floors at night, and took her baths by the front corner of the dormitory.  She tasted the jungle ferns and our smoke-flavored water, which she helped to boil a lot of for us!  She lived completely surrounded by languages she couldn’t understand.  She came to school classes and shared for worships.  Most important she now personally knows and loves the same people I know and love on this side of the world.  The saddest part of her whole visit was yesterday morning when I had to leave her at the airport for her return flight home.

Sometimes I wish all my family and friends could come connect to my world by sharing these experiences with me.  I know that’s not possible in reality.  But someday in eternity, we will be able to connect heart-to-heart in a way we never could have connected with our dearest friend on earth.  We will have passed through the same experiences of being redeemed by Jesus, developing His character, and overcoming sin in our lives. I yearn for that time – and that’s why I choose to live a life so separated, almost in another world, from those dearest to my heart.  I want Jesus to come soon.  Will you meet me in eternity?

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